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Study Finds Medical Students Who Make Time for Art Have More Empathy

August 23, 2018

A new study published today, conducted across five universities in the United States, has confirmed that medical students with greater exposure to the arts and humanities tend to have significantly better empathy, emotional intelligence, and wisdom—and they are less likely to develop symptoms of burnout. The findings could affect not only medical school curricula, but also admissions […]

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Do Students Still Have Free Speech in School?

May 23, 2018

In 1965, when Mary Beth Tinker was 13 years old, she wore a black armband to her junior high school to protest the Vietnam War. The school promptly suspended her, but her protest eventually led to a landmark Supreme Court case: Tinker v. Des Moines. In their verdict, the court vindicated Tinker by saying students do not “shed […]

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Proven Ways to Simplify Your Life as a College Student

January 23, 2018

Being a university student will be one of the most fun experiences of your life, you will be receiving an education not just on your chosen subjects but also on life in what it likely to be your first venture into the real world. College life isn’t always easy however, balancing studying with your social life, getting your college […]

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10 Big Ideas to Improve Your School Campus

November 23, 2017

Two goals every school leader can embrace are continuous improvement and wringing as much value as possible from every dollar in the budget. These two tasks do not have to be mutually exclusive. Here are 10 ways-from finding partners in higher ed to exploring free tools to reexamining staffing-that you can use to improve teaching […]

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Should high schools have open campus for lunch?

September 23, 2017

In some countries, open campus is widely accepted. For example, French students have a two-hour lunch break from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. During their two-hour lunch break, they can eat at home or at a restaurant. But students in the Philippines have a tougher schedule. They have only two 15 minute breaks and an […]

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10 Things in School That Should Be Obsolete

July 23, 2017

So much about how and where kids learn has changed over the years, but the physical structure of schools has not. Looking around most school facilities — even those that aren’t old and crumbling —  it’s obvious that so much of it is obsolete today, and yet still in wide use. 1.   COMPUTER LABS. Students […]

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How to create a better Education system

May 23, 2017

Every year, hundreds of millions of children enrol in public, municipal Indian schools, strictly following a set-out curriculum. This is normal, as every country sets up a curriculum that each public school has to follow. However, the issue in India is not what the children are being taught, but how they are being taught. By interviewing people who […]

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The Challenges of Higher Education in the 21st Century

March 23, 2017

Our imperfect world is advancing relentlessly towards uncertain future scenarios, and we must try to redirect it towards sustainability, that is, towards a new way of doing things in order to improve our environment while at the same time achieving justice, social equality and economic stability. However change is impossible without learning, just as learning […]

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How Social Media is Reshaping Today’s Education System

January 23, 2017

Are today’s students tweeting their way to better grades? More than nine out of 10 teenagers hold at least one social media account; Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine, Twitter and Facebook rule the lives of most middle and high school students. And while much attention has been paid to the negative effects of social media, including cyber bullying, there could be a […]

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